Japanese Denim: Five Favourites

We believe that denim reflects one’s lifestyle-- a second skin.
Here are our top picks for pairs of Japanese denim jeans suited for different styles. 
The quintessential modern cut, the Resolute 710 is based off 1966 jeans. A mid-rise, tapered silhouetted pair that can be paired with your favourite pair of loafers and a sports jacket for a laid back, but dressed up look.
The 1950s was the renaissance of modern classic style in the United States. A shift from the formal dress codes introduced garments like the classic five pocket denim jeans to people’s wardrobes. Be it with your favourite pair of work boots, the Real McCoy’s 001XX is a near-perfect replica of the pairs from the 1950s.
 This modern slim cut by Fullcount is a no frills pair of jeans. Using long staple zimbabwe cotton yarn, the fabric dyed with natural indigo shows deep textures with age. This pair can be worn with the classic plain tee and used as an everyday pair.
The Cushman 22501XX is loyal to details of jeans from the World War 2 era when
Materials were scarce due to rationing. This is the denim connosieur’s pair of jeans;
Handmade on vintage machines by Conner’s Sewing Factory in the Shiga prefecture of Japan, this pair is as close as you can get to vintage denim. Its full cut, high waist and slight taper make for an easy go-to pair of jeans.
Anatomica brings a tailored jean to their line up with the classic 618 cut. Focused on the perfect fit, this pair of jeans can go with any outfit. This pair of denim is a highly versatile choice making it an easy favourite. 
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