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  • Follows in the footsteps of the classic Derby-style basketball shoe-design.
  • The canvas is coarsely woven using a power loom.
  • The ecru cloth is undyed, so it would not wear thin, preserving the original look and feel of the cloth itself.
  • The footbed is made with naturally-breathing cork.
  • Basketball shoe-design is used for the outer sole for a better grip.It is daily wear with beauty, comfort, and durability, due to the vulcanizing method that is done by hand.
  • We have decided to eliminate the things that would make a particular claim and just make the most of the materials and them. 
  • The main canvas we use is coarse-grained canvas woven from the same production area with a power loom. 
  • Since the crepe is not dyed, you can fully enjoy the original texture of the fabric without losing weight. 
  • The footbed is made of cork, which is a naturally breathable material, and the outsole has a basketball shoe-specific design to prevent slipping. 
  • The vulcanized manufacturing method with sincerity of handcrafting produces daily necessities that are sufficient and beautiful in terms of beauty, ease of wearing, and durability.
  • Made in Japan