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Trophy Clothing

Trophy Clothing was founded in 2005 by Masaki Egawa. Offering his own interpretations of vintage American casual wear and motorcycling apparel, these products are designed to age gracefully and last for years as the products that inspired Egawa did. Crafted with highly detailed materials, Trophy Clothing is bound to hold up to their promise of "Satisfaction Guaranteed".

Muller & Bros.

Founded by Stephane Muller and Makoto Kawai. Their silhouettes are true to vintage examples and are as intricately designed to match the periods that inspire their pieces from vintage French inspiration to the summer resorts of old.


Glad Hand Company, a brand renowned for their packaged tees and eclectic accessories which encompass and reference a wide range of  subcultures and tastes. Shop now to see our latest collection of odds and ends from this interesting brand.

Russell Moccasin

From its early beginning in 1898 Russell Moccasin has dedicated itself to providing hunters and outdoors men and women with the finest handmade, custom fitted moccasin style boots and shoes available any price. Proudly made in Wisconsin.

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Braggin' Dragon x Anatomica