Talarico Umbrellas

Mario Talarico, a renowned fourth-generation artisan in Naples, has been crafting exquisite handmade umbrellas since the 19th century. Today, alongside his nephew, Mario Talarico Jr., he continues the tradition, meticulously handcrafting each unique umbrella in their small Spanish District workshop.

Talarico is a legendary figure in Naples, still crafting these exceptional umbrellas well into his 80s. These one-of-a-kind umbrellas are made entirely by hand, following traditional techniques passed down through generations.

Notably, Talarico personally forges all the canes used in his umbrellas, setting him apart from other artisans. Each umbrella is a testament to Talarico's artisanal skill, showcasing intricate hand stitching on the inner shade, steel spokes crafted using traditional methods, hand-embroidered ribbon rings, and horn-tipped handles.