About Us

Founded in 2013 by a group of four menswear enthusiasts, Signet came to life when Kelly See, Tom Sing, Jason Qua, and Edie Lim decided to come together.  Over a couple of dinners they discussed only what they were passionate about— quality. The group decided that it was about time a gap in the local clothing industry was filled. Then came the idea for the store— a destination for classic tailoring, fine leather footwear and Japanese denim made with utmost care and devotion to the craft. 

Starting with multiple trunk shows, the group introduced foreign labels in menswear to the Philippines. Handmade shoes, tailored trousers, and Japanese denim that were sure to look and feel better with age. In no time, the original Signet store in Legazpi Village, Makati opened its doors and began outfitting clients of all backgrounds— from people who grew up familiar to tailoring, to people who lived in their favorite blue jeans their whole life. Some still remember the early days of the store— talking shop with the owners and staff, cigarette in hand on the storefront’s patio. A few years have passed and our brand has grown up. Coming from the intimate Legazpi store to larger spaces, we make sure that the Signet experience remains the same— one that guarantees expertise, comfort, and satisfaction. Along with a growing roster of highly knowledgeable associates, Signet continues to embody the philosophy that the brand believes in: to bring only the best by the best.

The Signet story is one of friends turned family, one as timeless as a bespoke suit or a pair of broken-in blue jeans.