Visvim was founded in 2001 by designer Hiroki Nakamura. The Cubism company has several kinds of stores-- the pop-up I.C.T. (Indigo Camping Trailer) and their flagship stores F.I.L. (Free International Laboratory) and distributors around the world. 

Each season, the company creates a certain idea to work around. It may revolve around the Western Americana age or something trivial as a thought from Nakamura’s reflections. 

These are then translated as inspiration into the creation of the collection. Hiroki Nakamura grew up with a fascination for vintage items, living in Alaska during his college years and later on working for snowboarding brand: Burton as a designer. Later on, after amassing his own collection of vintage items, he started the visvim brand-- coming to fame for his moccasin sneaker: the FBT. This item was inspired by a pair of moccasins his friend designer Hiroshi Fujiwara pointed out on an album cover “Fun Boy Three.” The world of streetwear soon noticed his designs and instantly became a cult classic among celebrities, music artists and the fashion industry. 

His love for vintage clothing and processes is seen in his use of natural dyes, fabrics and leathers. Hence the different sources of materials from italian leather, Japanese natural dyes and even some handwoven fabrics and ancient techniques from various groups of people. Ever focused on Americana, the visvim catalogues always feature items that would be familiar to menswear enthusiasts but tweaked to the brand’s fits and looks such as the Social Sculpture line of denim or the Folk line of footwear that plays with classic silhouettes like moccasins and boots. 

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