The Real McCoy's

8HU WW2 Denim Chore Coat | MJ21019

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Inspired by the coverall jackets that were produced during the Second World War, The Real McCoy's iteration faithfully replicates the wartime scarcity, which was so rampant at that time.

This period is best emphasized by the jacket's 4-button front, which were normally 5-buttons during the late 30s to early 40s. The exclusion of this extra button was a direct result of metals being a much needed resource for creating weapons systems.

•100 Oz Denim
•Riveted Buttons
•Made in Japan

Size 44

Chest: 62.5
Sleeve: 92.5
Length: 76

Size 42

Chest: 60.5
Sleeve: 90
Length: 73.5

Size 40

Chest: 57
Sleeve: 88.5
Length: 70.5

Size 38

Chest: 55
Sleeve: 85.5
Length: 68.5
Shoulder: Missing