BDC Renomat

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  • Saphir Renomat provides an in-depth cleaning of smooth leather to remove buildup of silicons, resins, and dirt that accumulate over use, thereby preparing leather to receive the full nourishment offered by Saphir's Medaille d'Or products.
  • It's meant to be used once in a while to remove old inferior waxes or too-dark polishes. Unlike traditional leather cleaners which remove only a few layers of wax, the Reno Mat removes everything. Always spot test in a small area before applying to the entire shoe as Reno Mat can strip the finish from poor-quality shoes. 
  • After brushing pour a dime-sized amount of Saphir Reno Mat onto your finger, and start working it on to the shoe in small, circular motions. As soon as you're done cleaning the entire shoe, take a clean and dry soft cloth to polish off any excess product. Then let dry for 15 minutes.
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