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Buco Half-Zip Motorcycle Jersey / Buco Product BC23104 | Black

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In the pre-war era and prior to the adoption of leather jackets, knitted jerseys were standard equipment for motorcycle races.

After the wide adoption of zips in the 1930s, the two-tone Turtlezip Sweater was introduced to motorcycle outfitters catalogues. Although solid examples were available, the two-tone design improved visibility of riders and provided more opportunity for team colors. The black and off-white combination seen here, was popular with several prominent teams and an example was part of Steve McQueen’s personal collection.

The HALF-ZIP MOTORCYCLE JERSEY features a zipper that runs up to the top of the collar for wind resistance and versatility, as well as a soft but heavy cotton jersey for durability and comfort. The ‘Buco Products’ lettering is felt applique, true to the original application.