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Gurkha Shorts (Washed) | MP21007

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Praised for their courage in the 1800s, the Ghurka Shorts are named after the legendary Ghurka Soldiers, often considered to be the strongest soldiers in Nepal. These Gurkha shorts are based on the shorts that the British military supplied in 1950.

•Cotton twill fabric
•Urea Button
•Nickle plated brass buckles
•Made in Japan

X-Large (Washed)

Waist: 89-94
Rise: 42
Inseam: 25.5
Hem: 36.5

Large (Unwashed)

Waist: 96
Rise: 40.5
Inseam: 25
Hem: 35

Medium (Washed)

Rise: 39.5
Inseam: 24
Hem: 33