Mr. Slowboy

Mr. Slowboy Portraits of the Modern Gentleman

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Fashion trends may be ever-evolving, but the art of dressing up is a timeless affair. From investing wisely in flattering pieces that transcend the seasons to accentuating one’s personality with the right accessories, curating the perfect wardrobe can be a lifelong quest worth pursuing for those who enjoy expressing themselves in style.


Drawing from his years of experience honed through commissions for iconic brands around the world, Mr. Slowboy presents his Portraits of the Modern Gentleman in a variety of delightful illustrations that inspire with their sense of individuality and effortlessness. His first-ever book release features the best of his commercial and private work, his famous friends in the industry, as well as a sneak peek into his background to appeal to both sartorialists and artists alike. The book is hardcover with 192 pages.