The Real McCoy's

Type B-15D Real McCoy Mfg. Co. | MJ20107

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The jacket that replaced the MA-1. It was developed during the Jet Age, an era in which the jet engine was developed and aircraft became increasingly advanced. Because of this, pilots of this age required lighter and more insulating clothing due to planes being able to fly higher and at ever greater speeds.

Made of Nylon 66, a special material first developed by the DuPont Company. This synthetic fabric has been extensively studied by The Real McCoy's in order to replicate the original's density and weave.

• Outer shell and lining: 66 Nylon Fabric
• Interlining: 100% Wool
• Mouton Fur Collar
• Wire Shape McCoy Front Zipper
• Bell Shape Talon Sleeve Zipper
• 100% Wool Ribbings
• Made in Japan

Size 42

Chest: 63
Sleeve: 68
Length: 67
Shoulder: 51.5

Size 38

Chest: 57.5
Sleeve: 64.5
Length: 62.5
Shoulder: 48