SS 101 JKT DMGD-1001 | 0-120205006002

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● DMGD line: pre-washed fabric based on vintage denim
● Mid-weight Social Sculpture blue selvedge denim
● This denim was distressed by hand. The numbers following the processing names represent different finishing that the fabric has undergone, where each type features a different shade of blue, along with damaged finishing or processing in areas unique to each model number.
● Slim fitting, sizing up is recommended
● The 101 is inspired by 1950s "Type II" denim jackets
● Two chest pockets
● Lower inner pockets
● Stitched pleats
● Adjustable waist
● Waist pockets with zippers
● Indigo-dyed back patch
● Mid-century workwear style Visvim buttons
● Material: 100% Cotton
● Made in Japan