Fox Umbrella

Whanghee Handle, Invisible Join Stick, 25" Frame | GS13

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  • Invisible Join Stick 
  • 25" Frame 
  • The stick is fraised and joined by hand to give this umbrella a smooth finish on the join, this gives the appearance of a solid umbrella (see Solids section). Our other Whanghee handle umbrellas have a "step" where the handle meets the stick. 
  • The GS range features: hand made springs, metal runner and notch, prevented ribs, inside rosette and outside rosette. 
  • The GS13 is made on a 18mm diameter Stick with metal ferrule with metal open cap. 
  • The standard length of this umbrella is approximately 36" (91 cm) from handle to ferrule. The cover/canopy is made with a high grade 100% Polyester water repellent fabric, which when opened is approximately 42" in diameter (106 cm). 
  • Available with a choice of 9ct rolled gold or silver collar. 
  • Available in Colquhoun Tartan Cover.