Lucky Bag 2021

Lucky Bag Mechanics:

1. Bags are sold according to the following values:

• Php 8,888
• Php 18,888
• Php 28,888
• Php 38,888
• Php 48,888

Each value is further divided according to the purchasers size (S,M,L,XL).

2. The Bags are available for purchase at Power Plant Mall and at Purchases of the Lucky Bag online will be shipped free of charge nationwide!

3. Clients are not allowed to open or peek inside the bags prior to purchase. Any who do, are disqualified from purchasing the Lucky Bags.

4. Bags have been arranged according to general sizing; therefore we reserve the right to disavow clients who do not get the sizing they want.

5. All Lucky Bag sales are permanent. Returns and exchanges are not allowed.

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