Wesco by Signet PRE ORDER

Wesco by Signet exclusives make-up. Available for customer orders and pre-orders for Signet Exclusives make-ups.

Available internationally.

These boots will be  like a cross between a western and an engineer boot

Using the Wickett and Craig harness leather you see grains on the leather

It is vegetable tanned. The leather will start out stiff but will roll on the vamp after a couple of weeks wear, we choose to do up to the width in EEE due to the western last being narrower than a patrol toe last and we want that extra room so the leather will roll instead of crease

The split midsole we did this to make the boot more dressy, the solid roller buckles from japan are casted, we added 1 inch length on the straps for ease of use. Nailed down construction will make the welt nearer to the uppers and single line welt stitching in white will give the boot a cleaner and dressier pair that’s you can wear with anything from jeans to trousers.

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